I've got a project going on at the moment, it's called "Your Favourite Shoes".

Simply put, you can commission me a "shoe portrait", that is, a drawing of your favourite, most loved pair of shoes. We all have at least one, for a million different reasons. If you're interested, you can contact me through my website and I'll get back to you to ask a few questions (a few pictures of the shoes, size of the drawing, a few words to describe yourself and what make those shoes so important). These questions help me to create a more customized drawing.

What bugs me right now is how to promote this project so I can get my first commission, and how to make the commissioning procedure as quick and easy as possible. I know that people prefer to have simply, straightforward interactions with technology, and there are so many things that I should learn!

How can I do? Have you had any similar experience in the past?