I'm exploring my dominant side, I am not defined yet and I'm still a work in progress. But don't let that fool you. Just because I'm still learning the ropes of BDSM doesn't mean that I wouldn't know if you're trying to manipulate me into subjecting myself to you.

As I said, I'm not defined yet, but I'm enjoying my misadventures so far, so a self-starter, I made sure to do my own research, and with the help of my trusted friend who is also my submissive, I was able to practice dominating. My aim is to make every experience not only enjoyable but memorable for both. I don't dance if I'm my heart isn't in it, I don't just meet or hook up, I choose the people I welcome in my life. I always study the people I come across, try to get to know the real person behind the facade and the pretenses. I'd rather the person is genuine with me than waste each other's time. I detest those kind of people.