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I teach music and host the Music Ed Amplified Podcast, a place to chat honestly about real life music teaching. I also share the joys and challenges on my new path of working to create an anti-bias, anti-racist, anti-ableist classroom in which all students are seen, heard, valued, and celebrated. Most importantly, I strive to amplify the important voices of BIPOC and disabled experts in the field of music education and beyond.

On my "Music Ed with Missy" Facebook and Instagram accounts I try to encourage and support my music ed colleagues around the world and I also share free activities, resources, and ideas to help students and teachers experience more music, joy, justice, and genuine connection.

You can check out my Move Along with Dr. Strong (and sometimes Owen!) activities over on the Music Ed with Missy YouTube channel.

Another way to support the podcast is my Teachers Pay Teachers store, where all sales fund honorariums for our BIPOC and disabled guests.

Please consider supporting this work with a stand-alone gift here (repeatable if/when you'd like) when you make a donation by "buying me a tea" or become a member where you can contribute on a regular basis and enjoy some fun perks along the way.

The funds raised will be used to give well-deserved honorariums to BIPOC and disabled podcast guests and will also go toward helping with monthly platform subscriptions and equipment costs.

Thank you!

[Photo Credit: Debi Foley Franke]