I'm trying something new.

I am actually going to use this space to write what I'm working on each week. I hope that you keep me accountable for all my ideas and push me to pursue all the things I list here.

This week I have been super bust with work. Tomorrow however, is a public holiday here in Japan so I'll be just as busy really who am I kidding I have 2 kids. HUGE cooking day tomorrow. Making Panini sandwiches and some steak and mash potatoes for dinner. Should be glorious. I'll post pics on Instagram or something I think.

So what am I working on this week? Well, I haven't even touched the commission for the dungeons and dragons character I got yet. I mean, we did the one on stream, but I wanna do the commission I got justice so that's on the board.

I am also attempting to reinvigorate my self through absorbing inspirational materials in any way I can. I'm reading articles, I'm watching shows, I'm letting my imagination go wild and trying to write things down so I can expand on them and figure out where I want to focus.

I've barely written anything down at all lately when it comes to my hobbies, or projects, or just things I want to do and I can already feel myself focusing more because Ive taken the time to put a list somewhere and then go back to it again and again to see what I can expand on.

So far its mostly just a list of the kinds of adventures I want to run in the next D&D campaign but eventually it'll expand in to what I wanna do with Instagram and twitch and twitter and all the platforms I have to create content for.

So this is me pleading and begging you all reading this to hold me accountable to my ideas. Make me responsible for bringing them to life, or at the very least, attempting to.

Each week I will make a post about something I'm working on and I need that little nudge. If you want to see it, tell me! let me share the journey with you. If you think it sounds boring or you want to see more of something else I've mentioned I'm doing, tell me! I'm happy to shift things around and work more on what you want to see!

Lets take this adventure path together and see what I can create that you can use too.

Mitch AKED.