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My name is Mitch Mitchell (my parents didn't name me that), and I'm a content creator. Many people call themselves that, but how many of them do you know have over 6,000 articles online and off? If I may, let me tell you a little bit about what I create.

My main blog is called I'm Just Sharing, and I have around 1,875 articles there. I mainly talk about all things blogging, writing and social media, but I'm not limited to those topics. I've had this blog since December 2007; it has the most content, but it's not my oldest blog.

That honor goes to my business blog, titled Mitch's Blog. I'm a health care finance consultant and leadership/diversity trainer and educator. I've had this blog since February 2005; do you know a lot of people who've written one blog for at least 16 years? I mainly write about leadership but I cover diversity, health care finance, and and other business topics.

My main YouTube channel is called Mitch Mitchell Stories; my business YouTube channel is called Mitch Mitchell Leadership. I've had both channels for over 10 years, and each has a lot of content on it. My Stories channel is more personal, though I cover blogging, writing and social media like my IJS blog. I sometimes do reviews, offer advice, and definitely express my opinion when I feel it's necessary. My Leadership channel is obviously business related, though the most viewed videos have had to do with health care finance topics; I'm not mad at that.

I have one more property called Syracuse Wiki. I live in the Syracuse, NY area, so I cover topics concerning that. However, since the pandemic I've decided it's my be-all blog. I don't write a lot there but I still add content to it. It's not all about Syracuse; it's a blog where I might talk about almost anything.

As for what I'll put up here, I'll own up to the truth that I don't expect to put a lot of things here, hoping you'll visit my other sites, absorb that content and click on the link when you enjoy what I've produced. I expect to put some content here, such as stories every once in a while. I have a long term nickname from long term friends who've called me "The Guru" because for some reason they think I offer pretty good advice. So, if you have any questions you'd like answered, I'll try to help as much as I can without hurting feelings; no promises. :-)

BTW, though I'm not sure many people do this, check out my friend Mitchell Allen's BMC page talking about punagrams.

I hope you enjoy my content; have a wonderful day and a wonderful life!