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History & Future of Circles (video, audio, PDF)


I’m Mitlé and I am obsessed with the seed of potential contained in Circles to help us tend to the challenges of our times. 

This support helps me to cover some of the costs of creating and producing resources for Circle Holders, to dedicate time to my writing and to supporting organisations and initiatives caring for our earth.

If we were in Circle, I might say:

I am Mitlé Clare (she / they); daughter of Sally-Ann, granddaughter of Clare and Mitlé, great granddaughter of Margaretta and Jesse, and Ellen and Anne, and mother of River. 

My family lineage is Welsh, Scottish, Irish and English. Our ancestry travels back to the ancient Celts, Picts and Anglo-Saxons and to those who lived on these lands before them. 

If I was sharing what I do, I might say: 

I am a gatherer of people, stories, rituals, ideas and books.

I am a guardian of the ancient practice of gathering in Circle. 

I am a guide for wild-hearted folk who desire to remember the ancient practice of circles and reimagine them to hold transformational gatherings for their clients colleagues and communities in these times. 

If I was providing a bio, I might say:

I am devoted to co-creating a movement of wild hearted Circle Holders and community gatherings which are grounded in social justice, equity and intersectional feminism.

As a former litigation and compliance lawyer, Circle Holder and Inspired EFT practitioner who identifies as a Water Witch, I bring a unique blend of the practical, ethical and mystical to remembering the ancient tradition of gathering in Circle and redefining circles for these times. 

I currently live on the edge of Dartmoor in Devon, UK; a beautiful county with Celtic and Anglo-Saxon cultural heritage and brimming with myths and folktales, stone circles and archeological sites. Here with my beloved partner and son, we are cultivating a deep relationship with this place and our own sense of belonging here, one day at a time. If I’m not out walking on the Moor, I’ll likely be in a bath with a book.