Yae Miko has been released! As always, thank you for the support and kind words from many of you, means a lot more than you think. All funds will always go back into running the simulator. Thank you!


Passcode remains unchanged.

Bear in mind:

  1. Passcode is subject to change. If that happens, please return here for the updated passcode or posts. Or message me through BuyMeACoffee for help.

  2. Supporting is for the access only. You will have long-term access to the simulator but this does not guarantee new updates or banners. Of course, I will attempt to update if I find time but that is not guaranteed as I am very busy every day.

  3. All proceeds from BuyMeACoffee is going straight back into paying fees for the simulator, in an attempt to keep the site up for years to come.

  4. I took this route because of the amount of spam emails asking for links.

Thank you for understanding!