An attempt at self-presentation. Take 42. ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Camera, motor, start.


My name is Mjarfart Lucimera, and I'm an artist

Applause. Chorus.

Hello, Mjarfart.

No, this, of course, is not a club of anonymous artoholics (seriously ?!), this is perhaps another attempt to tell about myself.

I don't even remember when I first thought of devoting myself to art... Sounds like a line from the memoirs of a centenary master. However, if the experience included the experience of a soul that has lived thousands of lives.... A lot of digressions, isn't it?

My name is Mjarfart Lucimera (at times I compulsively want to write Lacrimosa), and there are several main topics that excite my mind and fill with inspiration. And there is one theme that runs like a red thread through all my work, through life, through the worldview. But first things are first, and let's start with themes. \(★ω★)/

~ Androgyny

Yes, a significant part of my characters are somehow androgynous. As a rule, these are fragile young men with feminine traits (both external and - often - and internal). This image is close to me. Perhaps this is to some extent a reflection of my sense of myself. Perhaps this is also the aesthetic ideal of my gender fluidity, which manifests itself from time to time (what?). Perhaps this is a desire to blur clear boundaries, an attempt to resist social stereotypes, an expression of freedom and ... Oh, come on, just androgynes are very beautiful.

~ Love

In general, love is the main driving force of the majority, the overwhelming majority of plots. She is always in the center, and everything else is just a background. Love can make you happy or unhappy, give meaning to life or take it away, in the name of love, deeds, exploits, meanness are committed, in the name of it people die and kill.

~ Mental disorders

I have a degree in psychology, if anything.

It so happened that psychology and - especially - psychiatry interested me more than other sciences. Many of my characters share this interest, and many are carriers of mental disorders themselves (but one does not interfere with the other). Someone - obviously, someone deeper, but, believe me! The diagnosis (put by my author's hand in a special notebook) can be found in any main character of any of my projects (and not only diagnosis). In addition, I am interested in all these subtle psychological processes that ultimately lead the heroes into a situation of choice, cause-and-effect relationships, psychological trauma or overcoming.


Yes, yes, I can diagnose myself too.

The chain of birth of a single soul. The difficult, convoluted relationship of this soul with others is also unique. Eternal connections. From life to life. Fate, karma. And still love again. Paths of testing, paths of striving. Points of contact, boiling points. Awakening memory. From the beginning of time to the present day. Light-Bringer. Morning Star. A completely different Lucifer.

This is all the foundation of the world that I call Incarnia. The world in which I live. The world that I live. Interweaving of lives, eras, forces and hearts.

How long and pathetic, huh? Let's be simpler. My work is mainly about love in the key of LGBTQ+ philosophy, mental disorders and the topic of soul rebirth. Let's spice it up with a bit of mysticism and, perhaps, fantasy, fill it with boiling drama and put a sprig of a kind of humor on top.

Is it even easier?

An attempt at self-presentation. Take 43. ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Camera. Motor. We started.

Hello everyone, my name is Mjarfart Lucimera, and I create my own comics! Basically these are stories of the BL genre (boyslove, yaoi, you know).

I want my comics to be more than just reading for fun (or pron). I want to raise questions of human psychology in them (call me Dostoevsky from the world of comics. No), I want the images to remain in your subconscious (human souls are our goal), so that after reading you look deep into yourself or into the depths of the world. Or, perhaps, I want you to find someone among my heroes in whom you will somehow see something familiar, important, valuable. AND...

An attempt at self-presentation. Take 44. ٩(◕‿◕)۶

Camera! Action! Here we go!

Yes, yes, I am still here, Mjarfart Lucimera, the creator of own BL-comics. (⊃。•́‿•̀。)⊃━✿✿✿✿✿✿

A little about myself: pacifist witch, artist, vegan-friendly, lgbtq + -friendly!

Here you will find:

- feminine boys

- courageous men

- beautiful characters

- romance

- pieces of broken glass crushed to taste

- mystic

- fantasy

- oddities and unexpected turns

- mental disorders

- androgynous aesthetics

- reincarnations

- all sorts of different arts, lines, sketches, etc.

Well. It almost worked out. If you are not scared by the number of letters in form and the quality of words in terms of content, welcome, daredevils! Enjoy my art <3