In this Introduction video I explain a little bit about the editing process, what it is and how in depth it should be, why it's so important for authors to do it, and I briefly discuss some of the consequences that I see happening to authors who don't do it.

In the coming weeks, I will be picking apart my own chapters as I edit them, describing what issues need fixing, how my perspective has changed for that chapter since I wrote it, and what they are missing to be query ready.

I will be following up on these same chapters in another video after my critique group looks at them as well just so you can see how valuable it is to have another writer give feedback, and how that can really make a huge difference in the narrative.

My goal for this project is not only to keep up my editing pace and not lose the momentum I gained during #NaNoWriMo2021, but also to share with other writers who are in the same exact place as I am.

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