May 04, 2022

Monthly Writing Prompt | May 2022

A stirring inside of you draws you closer to the noise. Blood begins to pound in your ears as your excitement--and apprehension--grows. As the scene comes into focus, it's not quite what you expected to find, and the faces you see--had hoped to see--aren't either.***Muse Stimulators:Are the feelings of the POV good or bad? What is the source of the noise?Who are the faces the POV expected to see and who are the ones they find?What was your POV hoping/expecting to be happening?What... more


Apr 20, 2022

Dos and Don'ts of writing your Inciting Incident

Apr 06, 2022

Writing Prompt | April 2022

The screen in front of you riles so many emotions within you, you're not exactly sure where to even begin sorting them out. Images of the past flutter up from somewhere you've managed to keep tightly locked up until now. And tomorrow weighs heavy on you.***Muse Stimulators:What is the POV looking at?Where are they?What is the past event that happened to the POV?Why are they worried about tomorrow?What do they do next?Happy... more

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Mar 30, 2022

Bonus Prompt | March 2022

Mar 16, 2022

How to Use a Theme

Mar 02, 2022

Writing Prompt | March 2022

There's a whisper on the breeze, and if your heart wasn't pounding so hard in your ears you might be able to make it out. You fight to calm your breath and look around at where you are, hoping to find out what else might be here with you.***Muse StimulatorsIs this place familiar to the POV?How and why are they here?What is the whisper on the breeze?Is something else is here with the POV?How does this experience differ from what POV expected?Happy... more

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