Ah, energy leaks.

Hands down, I’d say energy leaks are the most ignored aspect of a person’s wellness (followed by adequate movement and nutrition).

It’s frustrating because at this point, the population is a bunch of walking colanders leaking whatever they attempt to fill their cup with all over the place- and then wonder why and how they could possibly be running on empty.

Two words: ENERGY LEAKS.

What are they?

An energetic leak is where you expend your energy in a way that it leaves you in a deficit. It’s where you place your focus on something that drains you of your energy.

Energy leaks can make you feel:
-angry (like hanger level x 100000000000)
-like you’re constantly wondering…what if?
-like dwelling, 24/7
-like you’re only wanted when you’re needed

Why is this bad as a writer (and a human, obviously)?

Because it’s messing with your ability to create as well as you could. Not only do you not have the energy to actually write as much, but your focus is disjointed. It’s placed on things that aren’t aligned with you or your creativity. You know when you’re going through a stressful period and your mind is on what you’re stressed about, no matter how hard you try and shift it onto your writing, your focus is obsessed with that issue? It’s the same thing with energy leaks. On top of that, it makes you hesitate & doubt what you’re truly capable of. It’s like a domino effect. And we can’t have that, can we?

Okay Monique, I get it. Energy leaks are no good, but what happens when I plug them up and stop the leaks?

Plain & simply, you get more energy. This then leads to: -increased ability to create rather than just consume -increased capacity for your nervous system to hold ‘BIG’ things -more freedom because your mind isn’t focused on what you’re energy is leaking your energy to -clarity -open-mindedness -easier ability to manifest

How do they happen?

To narrow it down to a general umbrella term, they happen because you lack confidence. This shows up by a lack of boundaries, worrying about what others will think of you when you say no and not seeing yourself as good enough to put first. It fascinates me how much of everything comes down to self-confidence. Oftentimes, they happen due to past situations that have formed misaligned beliefs and thought patterns in your mind. It can be from your own experiences, or something that has been passed down as the result of generational trauma.

Now what can energy leaks look like? Here's a list:

1. Energy vampires
2. Ruminating over something someone said in the past
3. Trying to prove you’re good enough (when you don’t believe in yourself that you are).
4. Always needing to be right.
5. Trying to be someone you’re not.
6. Having 50 million tabs open whilst also scrolling on your phone.
7. Indecision
8. Lack of movement/lack of looking after your body
9. Watching the news
10. Desperately trying to be go-go-go
11. Overworking
12. Lack of empathy towards others
13. Being a negative Nancy
14. Dealing with everyone else’s problems *on top of* your own because you’re the go-to person.
15. Not doing what you love
16. Too much or too little social interaction
17. Watching violent/negative films & series

Here are 3 tips that can help you identify and plug these energy leaks for good:
1. After you recognise them, ask yourself how you got in that position in the first place. This can be a bit tricky if you’re new to it, but it’s important to identify the mindset that led you to that point. I have a 60 minute power hour call opportunity where I can help you out with this!

2. Get clear on what you want. The clearer the vision, the clearer the direction, the less time you have to worry about every other man and his dog and what they’re or what they’ve done.

3. Ask yourself: ‘Is this aligned with me?’, ‘Do I wish to spend my energy on this?’, ‘Do I choose to engage in this, or do I choose to release it and focus on what will support me and my journey?’ Asking yourself these questions will help give you an idea of what you really want to be focusing on.

It’s time to kiss those energy leaks au revoir, and start protecting your energy reserves so you can write your books (and become a best-seller and make all your writing dreams come true…but mainly write your books so you can publish them and I can read them because I’m waiting very patiently right about now).