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Human Design Profiles: What you need to know

Jul 05, 2022

If you haven’t heard of human design before, you sure will become obsessed with it once you’ve finished reading this post.

First thing is first, what on earth is Human Design?

I’ve created a basic rundown of what it is that you can find here .  There are a number of different sites you can get your chart from, however my personal favourite is this one here. It provides a free, easy-to-follow report that explains in detail the different aspects of human design and what your personal chart actually means (which saves you a loooot of time researching).

One aspect of human design is your profile a.k.a your role. There are 6 profile lines (and 12 types in total).  The 6 lines are (get ready for it): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. Simple enough, right?

Each type has its own traits. See it a bit like astrological signs where each sign has its own set of unique traits. The HD profiles, like the rest of HD, are incredibly validating and might have you like: “Oh my word, I feel so seen.”
The role, per se, is about your innate role in society. This is like part of your purpose. When we dive into them deeper below, you’ll get more of an idea on what this means.

Here are the 6 lines & what you need to know:
1 (The Investigator): As the name suggests, as a line 1, you’re a keen researcher. You love gathering all the information. Think Hermione dropping a huge book down on the desk in front of Harry & Ron kind of energy. You’re a curious bean & study things thoroughly. You need to do so in order to feel secure. You know what’s up because you’ve got the research to back you. Just make sure that you recognise the expert that you are and sometimes you really do have enough information to know what you’re talking about. You’re known as the educator, so make sure you own that. Share your expertise.

2(The Hermit): Line 2s often find themselves needing to retreat and be alone to nurture their expertise. You might also find that you have talents that come naturally to you. Have you ever had someone ask you “HOW ARE YOU SO GOOD AT THAT?” and your honest response was an awkward: “I really don’t know?”- hey, hi, hello- line 2 natural talent. With that being said, prioritise your solitude. It’s not a luxury- it’s something you literally need. Embrace what comes easily for you. Embrace your alone time. Embrace the fact that you’re a natural.

3 (The Martyr): If there’s one phrase I would use for, line 3s, it’s “trial & error”. As a number 3, you’re renowned for experimenting. You try new things, see how they work and then report back your findings. You’re like a scientist in their garage-turned-lab, trying new things. Your role is to try new things, see whether or not they work, and then let the rest of us know how it went! Whilst some people might dread the rollercoaster of experimentation, trying, failing and trying again, you line 3s are totally here for it. It comes naturally to you! Go out there and live life. Try something new. See how it goes!

4 (The Opportunist): Okay social butterfly! You have a power of bringing people together. Your friendship group allows you to network and connect with others and create new opportunities. You know that person that seems to know everyone? Or connects with that person who knows everyone? That’s you. You find security in your connections with others. Dedicate time to socialising and creating healthy connections with others. You have a strong focus on community and family. You might be more of an extrovert in that you get energy from those around you.

5 (The Heretic): You are the creative rebel. You can be a bit of an enigma- and that’s exactly what people are drawn to you for. You might also be someone who seems to have people open up to them at random- and with that, can also be someone who is easily blamed for things completely out of your control. As the creative rebel, you’re someone who is a catalyst for change. You might also be someone who finds themselves better received by strangers than those close to you.

6 (The Role Model): As the name suggests, you are a leader. You are wise beyond your years. With a line 6, you’re someone who tends to have people say “oh you’re so wise” or “oh, you’ve been through a lot.” Similar to line 3s, line 6s experiment, live and learn. You’re also someone with so much innate knowledge that it actually scares you. Everything you need to achieve, everything you need to know, is already within you. Contrary to what others might say, you actually do better when you’re not inundated with what you “should” be doing based on someone else’s wisdom. You know your stuff- own it!

I won’t be going into the different profiles in this post, but you can have a look for yourself on what they mean as each are unique.

Personally, I’m a 6/2. As soon as I read what that meant, I felt so seen. As someone who was naturally gravitated to leadership positions AND was commended for being a leader, and also had countless people constantly saying “how are you so good at XYZ?”, it fit me perfectly.

It was actually a realisation I had with being a line 6 recently that prompted me to write this post. I found that the more I invested in others wisdom, the more backwards I felt like I was going. I felt like I lost my spark and my wisdom had been drained out by the words and thoughts of others.

This is why I love learning about tools like human design. They can help us not only feel validated and seen, but also help us work in a way that’s better for us as an individual. I have spoken to so many people who, with the help of HD, have realised that there, in fact, was never anything wrong with them despite what their family or society said.

So, check out yours and then see if it feels aligned with you!

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