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Jan Schoeppen
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Jan Schoeppen thank you & once again, make sure your family takes extra care of you, you're a nice person.

Again, Jan - much appreciated. Happy Holidays.

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Thanks for your competent help Michael. I believe you are not only super-smart, you are very kindly as well. 

Thank you for your kind works; I'm glad you found my answers helpful. I genuinely appreciate the donation.

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Thanks for your help.  Ended my hours of frustration looking into the deep recesses of PowerShell-Nevermore. 

I'm glad my answer was helpful; as useful as PowerShell is, there are plenty of deep recesses, unfortunately. I very much appreciate your donation.

Steven G Saporito
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Hey Michael, just a quick thanks for your efforts.  I appreciate all you contribute on SO.  You insights are super helpful.

I really appreciate it, Steven. I too value your contributions on SO.