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Welcome to my new page, where you can now support my creative endeavours by buying me a coffee (not literally, of course). However, this is entirely optional and my content is free!

So what exactly do I write about? Well, I have a few projects on the go but for the foreseeable future, getting THE LOST SECRET (the story of how I accidentally 'mislaid' a chunk of my life then had to rake through all my dirty laundry to get it back) finished and published demands my undivided attention, aside from keeping a roof over my head and feeding my two beloved cats. More about that in POSTS under THE LOST SECRET.

When I'm not writing about my own experiences, I still prefer truth to fiction any day of the week - you know, the kind that's even stranger! Most of my short stories are memoir.

And when I do write fiction, there's a serious message in there somewhere. I never write for the sake of it.

In my opinion pieces, I frequently reference Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung, simply because their ideas resonate with the themes I write about. I am a huge fan of the individuation process and the Hero's Journey.

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Any monetary donations, of course, will be gratefully accepted but for the time being, I want these to be optional.