So, this took a little while, and usually I have a title before I start a book. However, with this story I've been developing different parts of it internally and online while roleplaying and creating characters for years, so coming up with a book title was hard this time around. I happened upon a fantasy forum of people talking about books and series they were working on reading and you might be familiar with the Stormlight series. I saw the title several times throughout the thread I was reading and 'Storm' stuck out in my head. Then I thought "Storm Summoner" sounds pretty cool, let's Google it and see what comes up. The only thing I saw was 'The Summoner of Storms' and nothing else that contained the same or similar words on the first page.

So, The Storm Summoner will be the original title of the Keera series, and we'll see what happens when I go to take it to publishers (later rather than sooner, since I'm still in the first draft and there's definitely some kinks to work out).