I am planning to write and draw concept art for this series, and unfortunately I don't have a name for it yet. It's something I was thinking about doing later on... but constantly talking about it as "my new series" is kind of annoying, at least to me. I'm going to have to search for a name, even if it's just temporary.

As for the art and chapters being written, I'll be posting those things under the "Supporters Only" or "Members Only" areas. Once I start getting people who are members by either a monthly or yearly subscription, that's when I'll be posting even more and getting super interactive. I will still be available to chat when I'm online, and I'll reply to messages and things from anyone who talks to me, that won't change. What I post publicly will be things like ideas, even if I'm not going to use them, or things I find that might be interesting for other writers on the same path.

So, if you want to see more, become a supporter - all it takes is to Buy Me A Coffee. If you want to become a member and see everything I'm doing as I'm doing it, claim a subscription slot! Members will later be asked to vote on covers and directions I plan to go with certain subplots. Supporters will be along for the ride, and the public gets to see the results. Like I have said on here, of course, I will post the first chapter on here publicly once I hit $100 of support.