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I am a full time dollmaker from Estonia. I have been making things with my hands for more than 13 years. I started making teddies and other whimsical animals as comfort buddies after the suicide of two of my close friends and have fallen in love with teddy bears ever since. They are magical and can provide great comfort. By now, my dolls and bears live in Japan, USA, France, UK, Estonia, Australia, Tasmania and elsewhere.

My woollen creations are all one of a kind, mainly due to the design and materials I use. I crochet and knit freeform, without a set pattern, taking inspiration from traditional teddy bears and translating them to the world of woollen fiber dolls and amigurumi. I rarely use plain cotton yarn, as I love the feel and smell of wool. I crochet and knit using Alpaca, local Estonian lambswool, or high-quality merino-cotton blends. Secondly, most of my dolls have English glass eyes, traditionally used in mohair and viscose bears. I also dye my own fabrics using natural plant dyes sourced from the my local environment and strive to move towards sourcing all of my materials locally.

My practise as a dollmaker is a form of creative therapy that has helped me to find calm and build confidence and I strive to create little beings that bring comfort and joy to those who may need it. I highly appreciate your support. With your help I can continue developing my natural dyeing skills and making unique woollen creations to bring a little bit of joy into people's lives.

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Sending love from your family here in California! 🍁🌻🍂

Thank you so much, dear Denise 🙂❤️ Sending much love back to you from windy Estonia✨

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💕💕 supporting you and your work from afar!!

Thank you so much, dear Katy ❤️ wish we could share a real cup someday!

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Pepo says hello:) Sending you love and hugsxx

Thank you❤️✨ Sending lots of love and hugs back to you both 😘

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Your octopus dolls are totally adorable 💗