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My name is Manisha. I'm a content writer and marketer. I share quick marketing tips and resources to help your business grow organically.

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Thank you Manisha for your time! There’s so much I’m learning from you already even through we just had one discovery call. Please enjoy the coffee but remember to watch the caffeine intake! :P

Elinur Anuwar
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I'm so impressed by Manisha's knowledge in copywriting. Even just during a discovery call, she gives soooo much value. I'm grateful for the short session!

Dr. Noor Afsa Ali
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Thanks for such a wonderful initial meeting, let's celebrate a new working relationship with a coffee! Thank you thank you Manisha, looking forward to working together 

Renee Ismail
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Thank you Manisha for extending extra mile to help me with my website. Always appreciate the stuff that you do. 

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