Buy mnbat a coffee


How do you do it?

How can you afford a homestead?  My wife and I would love to have our own homestead.  Nothing big.  Maybe 5 to 10 acres.  Enough for our family and future plans.  We have three young kids and really want our kids to get outside more and off electronics. It is hard to do with a small city yard and not much room to move around.  We are also animal lovers and would like more room for our pets.  We want to be more self sufficient with a huge garden, fruit trees, chickens, and more.  There are so many reasons.  I am sure you are aware

How do you get started?  I would really like to do it now while my kids are young so they can experience the outdoors, learn hard work, and while my wife and I are still young and capable of the hard work.  We make decent money and manage it well.  Yet we can't afford to purchase a small acreage.

Any good advice.  How did you do it?  Do I dare be greedy, out of touch, and naïve?  What if I suggest users buy me a cup of coffee?  Not real coffee but a small donation.  Yes I understand there are others in need more than me given these times.  No, I am not a conartist or from another country.  I live in the midwest USA.

Why buy me a coffee?  It is intended to be used to support ones creative work.  In the slim chance this works I intend to share my experiences and use the supporters from Buy Me a Coffee for communication and to get started.  This may be posts, videos, or whatever you want.  I would even be open to meeting supporters or sharing our produce if it can be done safely.  Offer up other ideas to get your value out of your donation.

What if this works?  Imagine making my family's dream come true.  We could potentially set something up to help others too.   I know the chances that anyone helps out is slim.  However it is worth trying for your dreams.

Why not help out.  Let's have a discussion.  Offer up your ideas and suggestions.  Ask me anything.  

No need to be negative.  Kindly move on if you can't keep it positive.