I just released my coffee roasting and brewing class if you'd like to check it out:

Now, I made this class for the donors of the film project that I'm consulting on. Though, the fundraising campaign is over and people have asked how they can access it. So, I've decided to make it available!

Since I'm a coffee geek, I had a lot of fun putting this class together.

If you'd like to learn more, here's what you'll learn in the class:

In the class you'll learn the following:

  • My personal journey learning and studying about coffee

  • Classes and courses I've taken about coffee roasting, brewing and espresso making

  • My book recommendation for studying about the history of coffee and its origins

  • Coffee history

  • How coffee roasting came about and where it originated

  • Process of roasting coffee historically and how it was done in the past

  • My coffee roasting journey including how I used to roast coffee and how I do it today

  • Photos and videos of me roasting coffee

  • Step-by-step instructions on how I personally roast coffee including each piece of equipment I use

  • How you can roast coffee at home even if you're on a budget

  • How you can roast coffee using my method in under 8 minutes

  • Why coffee roasting does not have to be expensive or time consuming

  • Where I get my coffee beans for roasting

  • Gifts I've personally give of my freshly roasted coffee

  • and more!

Plus, as a bonus you'll learn exactly how I brew my coffee and what method works for me including step-by-step instructions on my brewing technique.

And, as a student you'll always get access to me should you have any questions after the class.

Special pricing for members. Sign up today!