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5 is a new youtube channel dedicated to providing resources and information for iPad music producers. We believe that mobile music production will one day eclipse laptop music production just as laptop music production eclipsed desktop music production and we are extremely excited to take this journey first hand with you and watch the revolution happen before our very eyes.

Our Story...
I'm a 3rd generation musician and have always had music in my family in some tangible way. Both my father and my grandfather sing and play guitar so there was always a musical instrument in the house somewhere. However as I grew older I became more interested in the internet and web development and created a career in that field for the past 15 years. Then in  2013 I got my first iPad which was an iPad mini for the purpose of exploring mobile games. While searching in the app store I discovered a synthesizer app and immediately fell in love with it and in that moment I felt like a kid again exploring sound. 

Since then I've been maintaining my web development career but longing to do something in music full time. Recently I began saving some money and have enough of a very small runway to begin following my dreams of doing music all day and sharing my love of iPad music production with the world.

Our Mission...
Our overarching goal is to bring music production to the world and create an online community to foster up and coming producers while being able to make a modest living doing so. With the advent of the iPad the ability to become a music producer has been radically reduced and is now accessible to anyone with the ability to read and spend $100 for a used iOS device.

We want to create a library of everything from tutorials, samples, templates, presets and more both free and premium for producers to be able to get a head start on their musical journey and show the world that the iPad is ready for professional music production.

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and check out our page.

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