In my July 28 Livestream Podcast I discussed my new super-ambitious, but absolutely necessary mission: To generate a large enough income to legally sponsor my wife My to live with me here in the States.
At the end I describe some simple ways you can help us out -- for free of course! -- simply by following and interacting on social media.

Of course, I also debut my NEW "DIY Truck Camper"! (And tell you about my "Five Months Of Hell" building it!)

🌺🌺 FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO HELP OUT as described in the video...

** Follow me here, if you’re not already:

** And if you REALLY want to help, please join my special "helpers" mailing list at :


(I’ll be giving away a song-demo to anyone who signs up to help.)

Thanks so much!


0:00 How to pronounce Rik Thaemrýnne and where it comes from.

0:11 Where I’ve been the last 5 months?

1:05 My unusual attitude towards birthdays and the “weird” reason this one is special.

3:08 The “cosmic timing” of my camper rebuild and sneak peek of MY NEW CAMPER.

4:53 How it all went down and why it took WAY WAY WAY longer than I planned!

8:50 Why it’s been 5 MONTHS OF HELL!!

11:10 The Big Plan: Intro - How I’ve been supporting myself so far.

12:40 The Big Plan - Part I: UPCOMING VIDEO PODCASTS about “weird stuff”.

13:20 How things like #veganism has prepared me for this next phase.

13:56 How my unusual karma & technical background gives me a very balanced approach.

16:02 🎵 The Big Plan - Part II: How a series of magical signs and synchronicities led me to be suddenly STARTING MY MUSIC CAREER.

20:08 My plan for how to launch my music career within the next few months, releasing songs and video podcasts on the internet.

24:35 A few topics I’ll be covering...

25:10 The kinds of help I could use to get it all started…

25:39 ❤️ Help Get My Wife Here Legally! — How immigration works… How much income I would need to sponsor her.

29:30 ❤️ How You Can Help Us Out…

30:11 “It’s weird. People are fans of our relationship!”… I’ll do a video of how our astrology lines up to show our intense soulmate chemistry “objectively”

33:15 How you can help me “beat the social media algorithms” so that my posts get seen and I can get this mission going…

35:00 🌈 IF YOU REALLY WANT TO HELP US OUT, join my “helpers” mailing list at the link in the comments. (If you do, you’ll get a demo recording of one of my songs. 🎵)

37:15 Something I’ve never said in my life… :) ❤️