The process of becoming is a mystery.

As a young girl I never dreamed of who I would be now or how I'd get here

but I am glad that I am here now, me.

So many of you have born witness to me.

You know,

You have seen

these years,

from there to here

to now.

I am so grateful to have been seen by you.

The ups and downs have created

the me that is,

a writer,

a playful collage maker,

a tantra coach.

For two years I have studied with Layla Martin and am emerging

from my chrysalis

wings wide, fluttering,

reaching out to you,

inviting you to hear the call

inside you,

inviting you to message me

to start the process of living the love

your deepest heart desires.

Expansion is our birthright.

Yours and mine.