Is it time for make up s*x?
And make up s🦋x,
And make up s☀️x
And a little more make up s💧x?

With yourself?


I typed the word fight into my Gmail browser and up sprang 👇

'the following juice shots that can help fight and prevent cancer'

'most delicious salad we’ve ever tasted (and is cancer-fighting too!)'

'Currently fighting the patriarchy, making art & all that good stuff'

'we cannot forget that we're fighting for in this moment'

'If you're looking to fight fatigue and stay energised'

'we can supercharge this David Vs Goliath fight'

Fight, fight, fight and we are being pointed towards our bodies.

It seems to me that there is so much pain inside us already and it's caused by an internal war. The effort we put into being normal, smoothing off who we are to be acceptable - whatever that is - whatever we believe that is!

And then the experts bring in an army to help us fight the war inside us. Providing both sides with arms. And if we can't keep it up we aren't his enough.

Telling us how to heal so again we are in the place where we accept something given.


I believe in listening to the body.
Listening to the body,
your own sweet body,
my own sweet body,
with the tuning fork of love and attention.

Is it time to lay down the sword?
Is it time to lay down the shield?
Is it time to stop fighting?

Is it time for make up s*x with your own body?

What would this world be like if lived from this place? If we believe the outer world is an expression of our inner worlds?

DM me if you are interested in starting. Let's start with clearing out the waste in the lymph.