Rolling her neck,

arms stretched high

she eases some of

the strain.

Like an old tree she

sways creakily,

her joints cracking.

Only she can hear their objection.

Chin on chest,

her eyes close

her body melts.

Silence reigns,

except for the chugging

hum of the fridge.

Time inches forward, lost,

Until the cry of need,

she jerks into action -

a doll on a string.

Clumsy at first,

then back the role she plays.

Moira Cormack

Have you ever felt like this?

Have you ever wondered where you are in your own life?

Have you ever felt swallowed up by the needs of others and drum drum of time and doing?

Is it time for a change? To live this life with you in it as well.

It's possible.

You don't have to shatter what is to find you.