I have read this a few times and slept on it. It's the polarity at the heart of so much of where we are and our Human Design experiment.

That axis of surrender is waiting.

That axis of surrender is a place where two belief systems collide - our conditioning and our selves.

The waiting is a way of changing the patterns of our conditioned beliefs as is moving forward with our authority. It moves the stuck energy from the mind to the body.

Yet it also seems to me that there are times when shining a light on these beliefs is needed. And that's where NLP and change pattern work comes in.

Those beliefs are in our minds and in our bodies. The mind cannot shift them and we default back to the mind to try to live our experiment. There is no blame nor shame in this because it's a strong, strong patterning.

Every belief and it's polarity live in the body.

Each is a keynote.

Not all conditioning is bad but some keep us stuck and they are not so difficult to expose. The stuck ones repeat over and over again.

I'm really interested in what you see in this.


Bren Taylor reminded me yesterday what the vortex of the law of attraction is -

It’s being able to hold your awareness in three ways at the same time with both an attitude of command and an attitude of surrender.

It’s holding the intense discomfort of knowing what you want but don’t have, without resistance to being where you are, with one part of your awareness.

At the same time as holding the feeling in your body of what it will feel like to have/be/do what you really want, without attachment to getting it exactly the way you want it.

And the third aspect is surrendering to the universe: that it will provide exactly what it will as a result of your actively asking for the desired feeling of what it will be like to have what you want.

It’s holding opposites. When opposites meet, the vortex forms to resolve the tension.

That’s the universe. Powering manifestations by unifying opposite forces into a vortex.

Feel the discomfort and unease in your body: it is showing you what and how you want to feel.

Feel what it will feel like in your body to have every aspect of what and how you want to feel.

Desire it intensely, know that the universe WILL provide it then surrender to the mysterious process of the universe providing whatever it does.