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Buy Me A Coffee is the only platform for really following my work. At the least, I share 2 aphorisms (“quotes”) of mine every day here, whereas I share only 2 aphorisms a week via social media–which means that the vast majority of my work I share here I do not share on social media, or anywhere else.

Here is how I will use the money I make from here:

I have unpublished aphorisms that are so many that, at the rate that I currently can publish them, the vast majority of them will be buried with me. I currently have just over 5,000 unpublished aphorisms. And I continue to come up with new aphorisms faster—way faster—than I can publish them. For example, the aphorisms it currently takes me a month to publish, about 60, I come up with within a few days … and sometimes within a single day.

(There are tasks that take the time I could be using to publish more aphorisms, e.g., converting aphorisms into images–I share daily aphorisms as images.)

To minimize the number of unpublished aphorisms of mine that will be buried with me, I will use pretty much all of my income from here to hire freelancers, or even a full-time team, so I can spend more time on crafting aphorisms.

But my situation is more insanity-inviting than that!

As if that were not challenging enough, aphorisms are not the only things I produce–and they do not even make up half or even a quarter of my work!

I also produce books, essays, poems, designs, drawings, etc. And, like when it comes to aphorisms, I have too many ideas for one person, or even ten people–and prolific ones.

PS: Before you support me and my relentless endeavour to greatly minimize the number of unpublished aphorisms and that of ideas of mine that will be buried with me, if you have decided to buy me a coffee or coffees (click on the “🤍 Support” tab to do that) and/or join my membership, know that, in addition to making fun of them, oftentimes I (usually through an aphorism) will question or even attack one of your cherished beliefs or institutions. Like I once said (through an aphorism, as usual): We seldom learn much from someone with whom we agree.

And (and I, without neither intention nor effort, came up with the following aphorism while typing the previous one): That you want to be served wine or coffee, instead of the water you are offered, does not necessarily mean that you are not dehydrated.

This is how I'm using Buy Me A Coffee, and my publishing schedule.

One Love ✊🏾