Allow me to sell you a memorable, unique, and profitable way to sell your products, cause, services, organization, etc. that I have come up with. 

Before I explain how Aphorism-As-Slogan™ works, let me tell or remind you what an aphorism is.  

* * *


An aphorism is a pithy observation that contains a general truth. In other words, an aphorism is an observation that contains a general truth and is expressed cleverly in a few words, or is brief but full of meaning.  

* * *


The idea is simple: Commission me to craft an aphorism for your product, campaign, or organization. And then make your marketing efforts revolve around your aphorism. Your aphorism will, in other words, take the center stage of things such as your poster, radio ad, social media post, and billboard. 

(I suggest that the only thing or things included in, say, the poster, in addition to your aphorism, be the logo of your product or organization, and, if necessary, your phone number, physical or web address, or social media handles. 

Obviously, what ought to be included will depend on your goal. I mentioned that suggestion merely to give you an idea of how simple are Aphorism-As-Slogan™ print ads, posters, social media posts, etc.) 

Aphorism-As-Slogan™ is an elegant way of selling without selling … or even mentioning your product or organization. 

(Examples: See attached pictures below.) 

* * *


And that alone justifies the price tag—which is actually an introductory price, which I am going to increase significantly … soon … and then regularly.  

(Obviously, it is not impossible for me to make, with the aphorism I will have crafted for you, as much as, or even more than, what I will have charged you; and within a year, or even an hour. 

All I would need is the attention of a certain number of a certain kind of people, which can be bought … and cheaply. 

On top of that, I would still own the copyright, which would make me more money until I die; and then make money, potentially a lot of it, for 70 years after my death, for whoever I would have left my estate with.)

Remember, your aphorism will be an asset whose profitability will be limited only by your creativity and dedication to its exploitation—an asset your organization will own forever!

* * *


Another way to exploit your aphorism: The idea, like the one above, is simple: Print your aphorism, your logo and, for example, your web address, on products*, which you will then sell—not only with the potential to make millions of dollars, but also without financial risk, if you opt for a Print On Demand online shop, which is free and quick to set up.

*(Hoodies, tank tops, socks, stickers, smartphone cases, canvas prints, aprons, coasters, water bottles, clocks, etc.hoodies, tank tops, socks, stickers, smartphone cases, canvas prints, aprons, coasters, water bottles, clocks, etc.)

Plus the service provider handles everything: accepting payments from buyers, printing—for example—your aphorism and logo on the products, shipping the products to wherever on Planet Earth the buyers are located, paying you (what is left after the service provider’s production costs have been deducted from the selling prices you will have chosen), and handling returns and refunds, should there be any.

You can, in addition to an online shop, sell your Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Merch through a bricks-and-mortar retailer you do not own, in your own bricks-and-mortar store, or even where you work (e.g., a shelf with your merch in the reception area), if your customers come to your place of work—e.g., bank, dentist, photography studio, gym, law firm.

Obviously, it would be better to, but you do not even need to spend more money to market the products, since you can simply show them to, say, people whose attention you already get, say, through your website, social media accounts, and newsletter.  

Anyway, your aphorism will be so funny and/or thought-provoking that many people will actually pay your organization to promote your organization, even if they buy your Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Merch not because they want to support your organization or cause, but because they love your aphorism.  

* * *


1) Your organization will make money from the sale of, say, a t-shirt, with its aphorism and logo printed on it.  

2) Your organization will benefit whenever someone reads the aphorism.  

3) The people who will get to read your aphorism on the t-shirt will be introduced to your message, product, cause, and/or organization.  

4) And some of them will, for example, visit your website for more info about your product, cause, organization, etc. Some will also buy a product, say, a tote bag, with your aphorism printed on it. And some will, of course, do both. 

As you can see, one sale can easily—and very quickly—create many virtuous cycles of “Promoting your organization (cause, product, or message)” and “Buying a product with your aphorism, logo, etc. printed on it”.

* * *

(Another Idea: Give some of your Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Merch as gifts to your customers—or at least those who are the most profitable for your organization.)

* * *


Aphorism-As-Slogan™ will profit any kind of organization (or even an individual, say, a financial advisor, whether he or she trades as an individual or as a company).

For Profit: You want to make money from selling your products or services. Aphorism-As-Slogan™ will not only help you do that, but will also give you a way to not only promote your products/services/organization better and even further, but also make extra money (which could actually be more than what you will make from your products or services) from selling your Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Merch, which will also serve as marketing tools for your organization, unlike or way better than your products or services.

Non-Profit: Donations are fine, but Aphorism-As-Slogan™ is way more elegant, and way more likely to earn you money than begging for donations and showing photos of people your organization helps. Here is why: Though most people deny it, we always do things for ourselves—we just happen to sometimes do something for ourselves by doing something for someone else.

That is why I suggest you give people products (with an aphorism crafted specifically for your organization) to buy. That way they—through buying products with your aphorism, logo, etc.—support your organization in order to get products they want to have. What’s more, they will promote your organization whenever someone else sees the products they will have bought from you. On top of that, you can make a profit that is way more than what they would have donated—if they would have donated, that is. And it goes without saying that some people will not only donate, but also buy your Aphorisms-As-Slogan™ Merch.

If the idea of selling makes you uncomfortable, simply see the money you will make (from your Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Merch they will buy) as their donations, and the products (they will get) as Thank You gifts from your organization for their donations.

* * *


I wrote thousands of the most unforgettable sentences that will ever be written.

(Feel free to google my name to confirm that.)

Sentences that are not only unforgettable, but also profitable.

I have written way more than 10,000 aphorisms. Some of my aphorisms are funny. Some are thought-provoking. Almost all of them are both. 

Their being funny makes them memorable, and way more likely to be shared (word of mouth, by far the most effective form of advertising); whereas their being thought-provoking makes changing people’s beliefs, perspectives, habits, and behaviours way less difficult. 

* * *


Reason #1 

I will prioritize the effectiveness of the aphorism over you liking the aphorism. In other words, I’d rather come up with an aphorism that succeeds in producing your desired result, but fails to avoid not being liked by you. 

Reason #2

I will come up with, and then craft, only one aphorism. Or rather, I will give you only one aphorism—I will choose, from the many I will have come up with, the one that best solves your problem, or encapsulates your mission, solution, etc.


To free you from worry, and because I want you to end up with an aphorism you will be tempted to tattoo on your face, I am willing to go back to the drawing board not once but twice, should you have at least one reasonable reason for deciding not to go with the aphorism I will have suggested. 

Or should you not be allowed, which is extremely unlikely, to register your aphorism as a trademark (because it is similar to a slogan registered by another organization).

* * *


(I have created fictional organizations’ names and logos, chose a few of my aphorisms, and then designed the mockups of the marketing collaterals and a few products.)

Examples of Aphorism-As-Slogan™ Messages + Merch👇🏾
1 Slot left

1) Tell me about your organization, product, cause, etc.—facts, features, and benefits. 

2) Your USP—what makes it unique? 
3) Who are your 3 biggest competitors, or “role models”? How are they better or different?
4) What is your goal or goals—what are you aiming to achieve with Aphorism-As-Slogan™? (Raise money, market yourself in an unforgettable way, add another source of income through selling merch, etc.) If there are more than one, please order them according to their importance to you, start with the most and end with the least important.



1) One aphorism. 
2) Transfer of ownership of the copyright of the aphorism. 


1) This commission DOES NOT include the design of your marketing materials and merch.
2) I will KEEP the ownership of the copyright of every aphorism you will have decided NOT to have as your product or organization’s Aphorism-As-Slogan™ and you will own only the copyright of the ONE aphorism you will have chosen.
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