How I use BMC, the only platform for really following my work:

I publicly share, every day, 2 aphorisms I have not published elsewhere. (Click here to read daily aphorisms.)

I privately share, with my True Fans, highlighted parts from books I read, and behind-the-scenes pictures (usually images of some of what I‘m working on).

I publicly share my work in action (e.g., a picture of my aphorism in an article).

I publicly announce my new work (book, design, poem, drawing, essay, etc.).

Examples of how I share my other work:

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Weekly aphorisms for members:To avoid confusion, True Fans, like non-members, are locked out of every New Aphorisms of Mine No One Has Read Yet post for Fans. Because the same post is already published and was made exclusively available to True Fans, a month before the duplicate was published and made exclusively available to Fans.

Which means your being locked out of the post, as a True Fan, is a way of reminding you that that post was published and made exclusively available to you, a month before the duplicate you cannot access was published; and that you'll find and be able to read the original post if you keep scrolling towards older posts.

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