Just an update on the Podcast that you all have been so faithful to listen to. The new series on the Book of Revelation has just begun! The world stage it looking closer and closer to fulfillment of the Church Age and heading towards the world scenarios written of in Revelation. Never before in History has there been a way to even for see how the events will occur. Now that more than 2,000 years have brought us past the first Industrial Revolution and close to the forth which will include the melding of digital, physical and information, we have a front row seat for watching these things unfold.

If you haven't read Revelation yet, pick it up and read through it. It won't take long. A Tv program takes longer to watch. It will enlighten you, bring you joy and peace or it will show you things that will scare the bejeebers out of you. (Whatever those are)

Then, follow along in the series to see what, how, why, where, and possibly when of some events will occur.

Coffee is much needed during this series. Thanks so much for partnering with me!