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Emptiness is Form

May 31, 2021

The Heart Sutra states, "Form is emptiness (śūnyatā), emptiness is form," which says that ultimately all phenomena are empty of an unchanging essence. This emptiness is a 'characteristic' of all phenomena, and not a transcendent reality, but also "empty" of an essence of its own. It is also called the Heart of Wisdom Sutra.


From May 27, my works alongside other established and emerging artists from China and around the world are showing at The Ceramic House, Brighton. All the artists have an interest in exploring both traditional techniques fused with a contemporary design sensibility offering a compelling overview of the breadth and range of contemporary Chinese ceramic practice today.

My porcelain sound tube performance as an interactive experience with the audience at the opening night was magical. It acted as a meditative ritual in which it activated the space and prompted the observation of the frequency of the subtleties in our surroundings: the rhythm of breath, the reflection of water, the mellifluous movement of porcelain beads in the sound tube, bouncing and pausing. Each audience was immersed in the tinkling sound of porcelain and the backdrop singing of nature. I hope this experience helped us appreciate the act of spending time, being in the moment, and finding connection with our inner and outer worlds.


Nothing is quite like experiencing the work in person, if you live nearby or plan to visit Brighton before June 20, make sure you get to see the exhibition at The Ceramic House. Otherwise, please enjoy this short clip of the dancing reflection and the sound of porcelain.

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