Aug 21, 2022

Birthday retreat - part 1

Doctor: "Do you smoke?"Me: "No."Doctor: "Do you drink?"Me: "No."Doctor: "What do you do to enjoy life?"Me: "Hmm... I make art?"When I was lying in the doctor's diagnosis chair, I was looking back to try to understand why my life could cause me enough stress to get this immune system malfunction/meltdown. There must be something my body dislike. But I changed life path for a reason, from a High Street Finance career to being a... more

Dec 03, 2021


Thank you all for your patience and support! Our degree show is finally coming along~The Jewellery & Metal and Ceramic & Glass programmes at the Royal College of Art ask you to cast aside preconceptions and review the new possibilities presented in materials-led practice, joining our graduates of 2021, in the first public showcase of their work. The exhibited works were born amid public and national lockdowns informing new creative possibilities and journeys:“The pandemic... more


Oct 05, 2021

My popup studio in the centre of London

Jun 27, 2021

Would you take on a journey of wonder?

Jun 05, 2021

Lost Paradise

May 31, 2021

Emptiness is Form
Intro post!
Q&A "Things inspired you to make work"
Dumplings (taste of home)
Give it time and let the universe unfolds itself
Kurinuki tea bowls