A magnificent field of lush and shadowy flowers came into the view of a beautiful young girl. The Rain descended fiercely on her porcelain cheeks and trembling lips, fluttering her wet butterfly lashes, she looked at the man who was kneeling devotedly near her feet and confessing his ardent love.

"I love you so much, my precious. Do you know what you did to me when you stepped into my life?... You made me known the existence of the word love.

I love you, beyond the capability of myself, that the word hardly holds any value.

Please don't leave me, because I love you more than life. You are my whole world, my everything, more important than any relation...

She stood under the thundering rain, her mind completely blank.


All she could hear was her heart beating painfully fast, blood pumping into her veins, she thought.

Why! Why now? Why am I listening to the same words again? These words hold no meaning now. If what you promised was true, then why did you do that? Where were you when my life got shattered? I was deep pain, crying endlessly for respite..., where was your love, then?

I was a fool once..., never again!

She gave a deep smile, holding him flush against her. Her nails sliced his skin, drawing blood.

Red! The same color which she saw at the time of her death. Now, she is back from her ashes, with a desperate need for this red..., the blood of her enemies! Amid nature, they stood surrounded by flowers, deeply immersed in themselves.


There are various types of flowers on this earth. Fragrant flowers, cute-looking flowers, beautiful flowers, withering flowers, poisonous flowers..., but there is a type of flower that everyone should fear, a dangerous flower that destroys lives.

Do you know what it is???

A Vengeful Flower!!! She is that reborn vengeful flower..., HIS VENGEFUL FLOWER!!!


WARNING: Heroine/MC/Female Protagonist in this, is to some extent Anti, and strong, so be warned. She is Evil, innocently Sinister. This story does not jump into the Rebirth theme in the very first chapter..., it will unveil methodically.

Here, there is no particular MC, both are MAIN CHARACTERS equally vital.

IMPORTANT: I do not know chinese, aka mandarin language, I just worked hard to learn some basic mandarin and named my characters, so this story will not have much chinese culture... don't hope, as I am not perfect in it. This story is suitable to any region, and all audiences. Everyone could easily understand.

P.S. This is a rebirth story, which comes with sweet love yet revenge. There are many flowers, cough variations in this. It is not your regular rebirth-revenge story. Dive into it to find out.

P.P.S. There are only #10-tags allowed, so I am adding the rest here: #Power-Couple, #Love, #Heartwarming, #Doting family, #Loyal subordinates, #Angst, #Tragicpast... will add again if I remember.

P.P.P.S Blushes Try this story guys and let me know your views, please.



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