Buy mondstunde a coffee


Hey 👋 I just created a page here. You can now buy me a coffee!
leak bought 2 coffees.

i don‘t want anything in return. i need to remind myself that i can do good and that i’m not as horrible as i think i am. and i‘d like to support someone i know. while i don’t know you too well because we met like, once, i still think you deserve it because you’re extremely talented and a really nice person. 

Thank you, I appreciate your coffee! I do believe you are a nice person as well. If you like, we can chat a little?☺️ 

Lorenzo bought a coffee.

Hey you, amazing idea. Ofc I'm gonna buy you a coffee, hopefully I can buy you one irl someday. Much love sended towards you ^^

can't wait!

@_svane bought 2 coffees.

Love this idea. Always here to support a friend <3

Someone bought a coffee.

Hey sweetie, I'll buy you a coffee now but I cant wait for you to be back in Germany and go on a real coffee date with me again ❤ Love, Coco ♡