The mindscapes of our DnD characters, the canon visions that began the not-so-canon Elements series I'd done before (you can see them here, here, and here). Elements were more for fun to draw each NPC and give them some love as well, but these three are the closest I could get to the in-game scenes.

All three characters have recently undergone a ritual that allowed them to go deep into their minds in order to find their lost memories. Each had a slightly different "visual" of their surroundings, but all of them had to seek motes of light in the darkness to collect an image strong enough to merge it with their present consciousness. There would be a lot more to say about this and I'd have to go into a lot of detail, so tell me if anyone would like to listen to more of these rambles.

First in this, and the last one to get her visions in-game, is my PC Iri'thiel. The ritual showed her falling into deep underground lake, only to emerge in a cave-like room full of rock formations and shallow pools. As is her theme and the symbol of her magic, she was looking for fireflies and other glowing insects for memories.

Second is Aki, her mindscape fully drowned in water, specks of light or magical flame guiding her through her memories. The full image was of her very self, whom she embraced as a symbolic merging of the two halves.

Third is Fernir, hunting for will-o-wisp-like orbs in a forest full of old, tall trees. The forest floor covered in soft moss and plants, it almost felt to him like home, though maybe a little bit too dark and questionable.


I finished two of these long ago, only the first one is new, but I waited for all three to post them anywhere. I recently got a job and have been slacking on commission work, but I promise to push it forward soon to tie everything before my job actually kicks off.