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Ni Hao! Welcome to my travel & martial arts website! My name is Will and I am a practitioner of Kung Fu. For the past decade I have been travelling Asia seeking out, documenting and researching old styles of martial arts. I want to share my training, travel & martial arts research and experiences with you, in the hope I may be able to dispell some myths, and make it more accessible. 

In the age of the internet, there's a lot of hype, clickbait and misleading information. Through my website and Youtube channel, I set out to the complete opposite: to present Chinese martial arts "warts and all", to show how they are practiced, what their revelance is to Chinese history, and what is their place in modern China.

This will be an ongoing project, but will begin with some interviews here in China where I'm based. This will focus on northern Chinese kung fu styles and will showcase authentic old school styles in their raw form.


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