Song: "Bad Timing"

Song: "Bad Timing"

Jul 23, 2022

"Bad Timing" is a song I started writing somewhere around 2017. I was playing around with chords that were mimicking Dead Sullivan, one of my favorite local bands to come out of Denton, TX. I was having trouble figuring out the arrangement, so I put it on the shelf (so to speak) for a for years, until the pandemic hit.

When I was recording it, I was having trouble hitting the high parts in the chorus, so I asked my friend Tiffany Gonzalez to sing on the chorus' with me. Her voice immediately added the intimacy that I was going for, and fit the story that the lyrics tell.

Lyrically, this song is about liking someone who might be unavailable, far away, or generally out of reach. It's about idealizing someone, wishing to be in their life, wanting them to be in yours.

Until next week: :)

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