Travels: June 20 - 26th, 2022

Travels: June 20 - 26th, 2022

Jul 02, 2022

Three things happened to me this past week that I felt pertained to the theme of this site.

  1. I went down to my hometown of Brownsville, TX with my wife and daughter where I was able to sync up with Adrian Loera and Esteban Elizondo, people I consider to be my "music wives." Two of us are sober now, so it was a lot of shooting the shit rather than full on recording sessions. I feel like getting sober has changed how I approach music in some way, in terms of work ethic. But Adrian still has the same "go-getter" mentality that he's always had. It was inspiring to watch him work. We did take a little time to mix down one of my demos, which will be up soon-ish.

  2. I turned 31. June 26, 1991, Cancer (if you're into that sort of thing), and I've made 30 earth rotations around the sun. As far as music goes, it still feels like a mysterious process to me, which is good. I'd hate to get to a point where I feel like there's nothing left to play or sing. I still get amazed at how 12 notes have run my entire life since I can remember first listening to music. Arranging them in different ways so that they bend the air and hit people's ears a little differently is still my main goal. But I know, now, that it's not the most important. I have a family and responsibilities to be a good person, son, friend, husband, and father just like everyone else. I don't take it for granted.

  3. Shortly before leaving for Brownsville, I was diagnosed with a disorder that I don't wish to disclose just yet. But for me, it's explained a lot. All the long hours I spent hyper-focused on recording, followed by long stretches of time feeling like I'd never have another idea ever again... a lot of things are starting to make sense. I'm going through the process of finding the right medication that will work for me, and it's been a little mentally rough. Writing and recording goes from being good to great to bland all in one day, but I'm still managing to show up for the job.

I hope everyone out is happy and healthy. Special shout out to @b11ce for being my only subscriber lol. Maybe some day people will catch on. Until then.. peace.

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