Hello everyone, I write to you all as the creator of the Moo Mop Mouse artwork that you guys have all been spotting around the island 🐁.

First and foremost I'd like to thankyou all for the such lovely comments regarding these little tinnie peices ❤. Ive been following closely in background and have been truly touched by how you've reacted and commented on each one.

Although you guys have had much pleasure finding these they started out as something I was doing for someone I love dearly of which Moo Mop was her concept many years ago with a direct link to my family.. the idea was to place these in certain areas so she could sit to eat her lunch only to discover her concept in some sort of reality, and put a smile on her face during exceptional times within her working day.

But.. you guys have good eyes and spotted a couple along the way! 😊and because of the support shown I did a few more for you to find!!

Once again I thankyou all for all the lovely comments and posts of your finds I'm truly touched ❤❤, please feel free to interact with each one (even use the cup phone to chat to Moo Mop in queenborough maybe! and post/ share your pictures.. be gentle though!!😊).

Oh and keep an eye out!! You never know where Moo Mop may appear 🤫

Much love Me and Moo Mop xx