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14/01 BTC Lunar Chart

Jan 13, 2022

Moonset: 05:19

Moonrise: 13:26

Moon will transit into Rohini Nakshatra till 14 JAN 14:48 AM then it will move into Mrigashira in the constellation of Gemini till 15 January 17:52 AM. 

Times of Caution πŸš§πŸŸ 

01:20 -03:44

15:44 - 18:08

22:55 - 00:00

Mercury Retrograde: The two signs that will need to pay attention the most during this Mercury retrograde are Capricorn and Cancer Sun and Moon.

Rahu Kaal Timings 

14th January 2022 

Start From 11:13 to 12:16

Duration  01:03

Rahu Kaal is not considered a prosperous time for any auspicious activities including trading avoid this time to buy/ sell. 

Happy trading! πŸ€


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