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Mordent – an unexpected musical spark, a sudden switch-up to an otherwise languid melody, a small thrill, and twist in your stomach

Mordents Magazine evolved from a sense of deep love for classical music. After realizing there is a scarcity of online spaces where classical music can be discussed in a novel and open manner, an online classical music magazine was dreamed up, aimed at a wide and varied audience. The lingo of Mordents is the lingo of post-concert drinks, intermission smoke breaks and orchestra group chats, a deviation from the conventional way classical music is often still talked about.

The magazine is a place where young writers can talk about things that spark their interest, covering not only historical and current affairs in the classical music world but also all other media and art forms it intersects with – from stage fashion and design to the representation of classical music on film.

Mordents brings a contemporary touch to tired jokes – a fresh critical perspective, an array of tongue-in-cheek analogies with a dash of sass and daring.


Mordents is an independent online classical music magazine. 

We like to think of Mordents as a digital place created by music lovers and professionals for people exploring the classical music world. We love strong personalities and interesting points of view, we love humor and we love weird and wonderful. 

We are self-financed without sponsors and shareholders, so every contribution, however big or small, makes a difference.

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