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Scheduling for Late Q1 - Early Q2

Scheduling for Late Q1 - Early Q2

Feb 24, 2021

Just a quick update to note down some of the ideas I had for upcoming special streams! I will hopefully have a lot more time to draw during these months as I won't be crunching at work, and although these ideas don't have dates set to them yet, you can be sure they'll be coming soon.

The first two were highly requested, the third was my own idea after watching the lovely Konnichi draw with her friend (it seemed fun!) and the last was actually requested by other streamers. They'll all be a bit of a bodge (what more could you expect from me?) so we'll see how they go. :P

These will be interspersed amongst regular drawing-what-I-want/drawing-commissions streams so there won't be massive excitement every week. The first three at very least will have audience participation involved, so make sure you keep an eye out for my twitter updates (and this blog right here!) if you want to know when those will be coming up.

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