We got up to some major silliness last Friday as part of my birthday, absolutely not sticking to the intended schedule, forgetting to skip the tutorial in Spellforce and plonking out just after some wacky D&D shenanigans. I just-about-nearly-almost made it to 8hrs, not including the fact that I was ten minutes late thanks to Streamlabs. 😒

I just wanted to drop in a small message in amongst all the updates, my day job starting again and everything else going on in life just to say thank you to everyone who came along to support, lurk, say hi, and especially all of you mad lads who dropped about 38 subscriptions so I could unlock the last emote slots. I was hoping for ten, at most, so you just utterly blew my brains out and splatted me against the wall. Thanks so much for your generosity. 💖

Regardless, I look forward to seeing some more of you in my next stream! ♪┏(・o・)┛♪