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Spending time at home is fun: playing games, watching tv, conversations with the wife and kids, fixing stuff, relaxing. But after some time, things become routine, disinteresting, boredom sets in, and we become "scrutiners", one who is good in scrutinizing people and things. Sometimes it 's good, for it get things done, but more often, it turns out bad!

Why don't we take these observations and create stories of the things we see, feel, think, say and do?

Good Morning Couple is a mini talk show, a casual conversation over breakfast between husband and wife, with topics ranging from personal development, strengthening marriage and enriching family life. We discuss about how we feel, what we see, what we think and the things we do. We listen to what others have to say, eventually creating a better understanding of ourselves and on how to do things. We might not change the world as fast as we want to, but then, we can very much influence the little world we have created of our own.

It's always a Good Morning with your Good Morning Couple; join our conversations, and help us continue our advocacy by buying us a cup of coffee or two. Toast!