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Hi there! This is Jorge aka Moro 👋
I'm a Creative Technologist who loves creating open source projects and web applications. You can check some of my works in the list below or visiting my GitHub Page or Personal Website.

🔴 Kolor GameKolor is a Free Browser Game where you have to be as fast as possible by guessing colors in order to score high.

👁️ CSS Transform VisualizerCSS Transform Playground. Online tool to visualize 2D & 3D CSS3 Transform functions.

🌍 InstaGPXAn image manipulation Web App to create nice sharing pictures overlaying GPX activity stats to your photos.

⌨️ IPA KeyboardInternational Phonetic Alphabet Keyboard. Web and Cross Platform Desktop Application.

📰 News VisualizerData Visualization Demo, using BBC News as data source.

🎶 TubetifyOnline Playlist Converter. Generate Youtube video playlists from Spotify track lists.

If you like what I do or you found some of my projects useful, you can now show your support and buy me a coffee! ☕ Thanks a lot! I very much appreciate it! 🙏


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