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MORPHIC ROOMS is the collaborative collage laboratory of allison anne + Jeremy P. Bushnell, established 2021!

About this page: By sustaining our work through this page, you will receive a subscription to PARAMETERS amongst other perks. PARAMETERS is a monthly broadsheet that invites you to cut up, create and play. Each issue includes one or more creative suggestions -- a parameter to explore in your own work. All subscribers receive a digital copy, and those who support starting at the $5+ a month level will receive a printed copy in the mail.

Be sure to give us your mailing address, and tag your work made using the project with #morphicrooms on social media! Yearly subscriptions receive one month free.

As a Morphic Rooms member, you should feel encouraged to use our stuff to make your own stuff. Collage is, by its very nature, a medium of creative reuse. And we want to make it possible for you to take our collages and fold them into your own creative process. without having to contact us for review or approval. We want you to be able to just put together your work and get it out there, and even sell it, if you’re so inclined. We do have a few guidelines, in the form of a simple third party license, which allows anyone to make stuff from Morphic Rooms products and either publish it for free or sell it. Please read our full third-party license available here.

Unlike some of our other projects, PARAMETERS does not exclusively use public domain material. Nevertheless, we believe that our use of this found material qualifies as a “transformative” reworking, as defined by the fair use clauses in the US Copyright Code—and we encourage our members to rework it further, in ever more transformative ways. If you adhere to the license terms you are allowed to publish, sell, distribute, reproduce, or share on social media work you created using it!  (Please remember, though, that fair use designations are dependent upon legal interpretation, and copyright law may vary in your jurisdiction. We can take no responsibility for copyright claims or any other legal claims against your work.) 

Our license does not permit use of any Morphic Rooms work for the purposes of creating non-fungible tokens (NFTs) under any circumstances.

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