Extension Service: SKIES

Jun 23, 2022

The second title in our EXTENSION SERVICE series is here -- SKIES! These will be mailed out to our $10/mo+ subscribers with the July issue of PARAMETERS. Copies of the zine are also available at the Morphic Rooms shop, NONMACHINABLE and Bandcamp, as well as the accompanying music release by Motion Sickness of Time Travel!

"As part of their standard operational activity, Morphic Rooms conducts an ongoing series of aesthetic investigations, ultimately seeking to extend the total amount of available information on aspects of our sensual world. Periodically, EXTENSION SERVICE offers the results of these investigations to you, the public, in the form of attractive booklets that will make a fine addition to any library, study, reading room, or random shelf. This is the second, on the topic of SKIES. 16 pages, full-color."

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