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Hi there! 
If I would be allowed to change something in the world, I wish to pay all mothers for their work. Just like everybody else get paid for work. In that way women can work with regard to their values and they can make an honest choice for a paid job as a mother or for any other paid job.

With love, 

Marieke Smit -founder Mothercompany

The Mother Company unites all mothers. We mothers, part time or fulltime- are taking care of the future. We are of vital interest for the society as well as for the economy. But we are especially of invaluable interest for our children and we take care of them with love. The recognition/appreciation we have for ourselves and the appreciation we receive from the society, is not proportional with that what we deserve: appreciation, respect, equality and freedom of choice. The Mother Company is the new step we can make for the emancipation of women. The awakening that we mothers are working in our own mother companies.

An income for mothers is not at all strange. Every person who is not a volunteer, gets paid for their work. A teacher is teaching, a cleaner cleans, a forester takes care of the woods, the postal service takes care of the mail. These people get paid for their work. And you? You produce the most complex product on earth and takes care of the child with all your attention and love, at least eighteen years of your life. En not only that: you invest in their development. You put all your talents and love in it. Only you don’t get paid for it and there is almost no recognition and appreciation for your work. This is the reason why women stay behind man in their financial dependency. You can read in all papers that women don’t contribute enough to the society and economy. It makes that you feel tired at the end of the day and you think: I don’t even have a job. Or you are tired because you have actually two or more jobs. Motherhood is a job. We mothers run our own mother companies . No matter if you are a fulltime or a part time mother. You are always working. Mothers don’t have part time jobs, they mostly work more hours than people with a full time job. To pay mothers for their work would be reasonable.

My personal mission is become the biggest company in the world together with all moms. In that way we want to get more attention and recognition for the very important work we mothers do in our families and outside the families. 

Of you are a mother (or father :)), you have your own mother company.  If you want to support me on my mission you can do this in several ways. You can check the website and register your own company. So we grow bigger and bigger. You can contact me by e-mail or app of you want to help to promote my work. Or you can ‘Buy me a coffee’ so I can work on this matter, my social media accounts, and all my ideas to support moms in al kind of ways (courses, podcasts). To grow awareness for this amazing job.

Visit the MotherCompany on line. Klik hier 

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