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Meet MotoFomo. Launched smack bang in the middle of a global health crisis, this is not your average motoring outlet. Sure, they all say that. But MotoFomo really is different.

For a start, we don’t just write about cars. MotoFomo exists to create quality, original content for motoring enthusiasts and car buyers. We celebrate the gadgets, gizmos, inventors, techniques, practicalities and more that make up our collective love of motoring and the lifestyles that go with it.

Founded by experienced motoring writer, Isaac Bober (it's his bearded head you'll see in the videos. Sorry about that), we'll tell you the warts and all truth. We won't get sucked in by the marketing hype. Just so you know who you're reading, Bober has been writing about cars and stuff for more than 20 years and has contributed to some of the biggest magazines, newspapers and websites in the country, from TopGear Australia, to 4x4 Australia, CARSguide and many more.

Without your support, keeping an independent content creation site up and running just wouldn't be possible. So, cheers for that.