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I'm Daniel an Edinburgh based stand-up comedian and the creator of the 'Mountebank Comedy Walk of Edinburgh', Edinburgh's only stand-up comedy walking tour. The idea is to make people laugh a lot while they learn a little. Since the Covid shut down has bollocks'd everything and now the Edinburgh Fringe has been cancelled I am creating online content all about Scotland.
​You'll learn a little, you'll laugh a lot, and if you like what I do then please contribute :)
Keith Campbell
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I am buying 8 cups because I have listened to the first 8 episodes.   Sgoinnell!!! 

Great stuff Keith, thanks so much it's really appreciated :)

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Once this madness is over I'll be over for a visit from the dark side (The West coast) for a real tour  😃 

Thanks so much Alison, look forward to having you on a tour soon :)

Patrick Myles
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Keep smiling 😁

Thanks Mark :)

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