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I'm Daniel a Scottish stand up comedian and the creator of the 'Mountebank Comedy Walk of Edinburgh' and the 'Mountebank History of Scotland'. I create podcasts and short 'hysterical and  historical' videos about Scotland's history. If you love Scottish history and jobby jokes then you're in the right place!

I use my 'buy me a coffee' page to raise money to send deserving people a bottle of malt whisky from Scotland. Each episode of the Mountebank History of Scotland Podcast is paired with a different whisky and each week I send someone a bottle if I can raise enough funds. You can nominate someone to receive a bottle by sending an email to [email protected] or by donating and leaving a comment, or you can DM me on my social media accounts @mountebankscotland

sláinte :)

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Not many things make me laugh out loud - keep doing what you're doing 😊

Thanks so much Alison, I'm glad you're enjoying the series 🙏 😊 👍 

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great podcast, half way through series, thoroughly recommended

Much appreciated Campbell, thank you for the support 😊 👍 

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Thank so much for supporting Mountebank...!! 😊 👍 ❤️ 

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Cheers Ieuan much appreciated mate 😊 👍 ❤️